The Kitchen Cabinets

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Figuring out where to buy the cabinets depends on a variety of things. Cost, material, look, finish, and style are all factors to consider. After weighing all of the options, we decided to go with Ikea Akrum cabinets and Adel doors. Why Ikea? Besides the fact Justin loves everything in the store…. It ultimately came down cost and style.  We did look at stock cabinets at big box home improvement stores, but we weren’t satisfied with the options and the overall look. We already knew the custom ones on display weren’t an option! We have always wanted our kitchen to be light and airy, and the Akrum cabinet with and off-white Adel door were the perfect ones to complete the look.

Ikea has done a great job of making the process relatively easy. First, we started our journey by downloading the kitchen planner from their website. This allowed us to play around with some different design concepts, as well as see what cabinets would fit in our space. (note: this was especially handy as the design concept constantly had to evolve with each change). The next step was to take our initial design and meet with a kitchen specialist in their store. They were able to help us finish the design and get the order started. We originally planned to order and just have it delivered to our house, but we were lucky enough to borrow a truck from a family member. This was not only useful to haul off the old cabinets, but it also meant we didn’t have to pay any delivery fees!

Then the fun part started, box after box had to be brought into our house to begin the assembly process. For us, Ikea was a great decision, but we realize it’s not for everyone. But if you’re up for 108 boxes, following directions that only have pictures, and ultimately you care about getting the most bang for your buck - then Ikea may be just the right fit!

A few things to note:
  • Don't go to Ikea on a weekend. If you've been to Ikea.. then you know why! We went on a weekday when we placed the large order and it was definitely less chaotic.
  • Start planning your design at home. We went to Ikea several times to look at the various cabinets, but when it came to design we did it in the comfort of our home. We did make a list of questions as we worked on it that we could take with us to the store. Once we went to Ikea, we could just log in and get started with our questions.
  • Don’t plan on having everything in stock. We ended up going to Ikea three times to get all of our cabinets. The night we placed the order we were able to get almost everything (minus a few cabinet doors). We went back a couple of other times to complete the order.
  • <!--[endif]-->I would only do an Ikea kitchen if I lived within an hour of the store. We literally went probably  6+ times during our kitchen reno. If you lived hours away from a store this could be very frustrating.


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