Kitchen Reno: The Demo

Thursday, July 18, 2013

As with most renovations, ours started with a Bang! Out came the hammers, pry bars, and saws! We originally wanted to salvage all of our cabinets and donate them to our local Habitat ReStore, but very quickly we realized that this wasn't going to be an easy task. These cabinets were the originals from when our home was built in the late 70's. After a few attempts to keep them in tack, we decided that the only place these were going, was the trash. We did manage to keep two base cabinets that we are planning to reuse for a built in entertainment center for the family room sometime in the near future.

The original design that we came up with involved a pass-through from the kitchen to the family room to open up the space a bit more. We laid out the original location using blue painters tape. After taking the drywall down on the inside, we ran into our first major problem. Right in the middle of our opening, we found a 5" x 14" duct that feeds air from the basement unit to the attic for the second floor. (The funny thing is, the original installer painted "HI" on it, so every time we looked at it, it was like we were being taunted by the crazy thing.) So after sitting there and looking at more design ideas, thinking of ways to shift the duct over, and realizing we didn't want to pay what it would cost to move the duct; we decided to cut a small window between the blue tape (original plan) and the green tape (possible shift) to see if we liked it (refer to top left image). The result: we felt like we were at a drive-thru window. Needless to say, we quickly went from Plan A, to D, and then back to C. No cut out, but instead we would add larger cabinets and some shelves over the sink.
The change in plans required us (aka Justin) to relocate the plumbing for the sink and dishwasher, move the electrical for the stove, and add some receptacles and wiring for the under-cabinet lights. The last step was to hang some new drywall. Fortunately, we were able to use some remaining drywall from previous house projects which saved us a few dollars and also cleared out some space in the basement (which is always a win!).

Next week on the blog: the cabinets go up and we will break down why we chose IKEA!


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