Slowly but Surely

Friday, February 15, 2013

 Here's a few photos of the half bath and the office in progress. Although, I love showing the final product, but I want to show you the work in progress too.  Between having real jobs which require us to be motivated when we get home (which is not always the case) and also the fact sometimes you order things that don't always work, projects usually take longer than you expect. The bathroom is coming along nicely, we still need to stain the vanity, install the sink (scheduled to arrive today), and then put it all together.

The office is a secondary project. We painted the walls over a month ago. More recently, we painted the closet and installed shelves. The new shelves are such a huge help at solving our storage needs for this room. As I was placing the items onto the shelves, it was amazing that we actually now have extra room. We still have a lot of finishing touches that are needed to finish this room.


  1. oh i can already tell both of these spaces are going to be amazing! i love your updates. :-)


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