Slowly but Surely

Friday, February 15, 2013

 Here's a few photos of the half bath and the office in progress. Although, I love showing the final product, but I want to show you the work in progress too.  Between having real jobs which require us to be motivated when we get home (which is not always the case) and also the fact sometimes you order things that don't always work, projects usually take longer than you expect. The bathroom is coming along nicely, we still need to stain the vanity, install the sink (scheduled to arrive today), and then put it all together.

The office is a secondary project. We painted the walls over a month ago. More recently, we painted the closet and installed shelves. The new shelves are such a huge help at solving our storage needs for this room. As I was placing the items onto the shelves, it was amazing that we actually now have extra room. We still have a lot of finishing touches that are needed to finish this room.

Gonna Party Like It's My Birthday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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During the month of February, I tend to get more mail than usual. The main reason: I have signed up for several different birthday clubs. I am here to share my resources, so you can join this wonderful tradition of getting special mail and fun coupons/freebies!  There are hundreds out there, so you can google for a complete list, but these are the ones that I enjoy:

  • Starbucks – sign up for an account and you get a free drink any size during your birthday month. They used to send you a postcard, but now they attach it any of the gift cards you have registered, so all you have to do is let the cashier know when ordering. I always order a Venti and usually look for the most expensive item – Mocha Frappacino here I come!
  • Red Robin – sign up for the Red Royalty Rewards and you get a free burger during your birthday month.
  • Anthropologie – sign up for the ANTHRO card/perks program. You will get the prettiest piece of mail that includes at 15% off coupon/promo code that can be used online or in the store. Even if you don’t use the coupon it’s totally worth it!
  • Coldstone Creamery – Once again, just sign up for their birthday club and they will send you an email. They do make you put down which store you will be going to, so be sure to update this when you move. Over the years they have downsized what you get. You used to get a small signature creation, and now you just get a small size ice cream with one topping. I always add the toppings so that I end up with the Birthday Cake Remix, which is my favorite.  It’s still a good deal!
  • Firehouse Subs - FREE medium celebratory sub on your birthday when you come with a valid I.D. that has your birthdate.
  • DSW - sign up for their rewards program, and you’ll get at $5 coupon for use during your birthday month
  • Hallmark – Sign up for their Crown Rewards card and they send you a nice card wishing you a happy birthday and they also include a 20% off coupon.
What's your favorite birthday deals?

Hit or Miss

Monday, February 4, 2013

My mom and I were talking the other day about the half bath and I was telling her about all the things we recently ordered online for the room (faucet, sink, light fixture, and the table/vanity legs). She was curious about how we know what to order online. Easy answer: we don’t. We sometimes order things and they don’t work out. For instance, we just ordered a light fixture for the half bath – total miss. Once the fixture arrived, we held it up in the space and quickly realized it was way too big. Then we ordered a faucet. I must admit the faucet is beautiful, but once again, it appears to be too big for the vanity. We won’t know for sure until the sink arrives next week. On the other hand, the vanity legs ended up being just right for what we had in mind!

We typically order online for two main reasons. One, we can’t find what we want in the local stores so we go online for a greater selection. Two, we can find a better price online.   Of course, when ordering online its important to check the return policy so you don’t end up paying a restocking fee or losing a lot of money in shipping fees should it not work quite like you expected.

Ordering online is pretty much the same as buying from a local store since you won't know whether or not its going to work until you try it out in the space.  Ultimately, buying things for your house can be a hit or miss no matter where its from (so be sure to save the receipt!)
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