Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I was recently asked if Justin and I have any current projects we're working on? I almost laughed. Of course we have projects!

Lately, we've been working on the...
  • half bath on the main level.
    • Justin has been re-working the pipes for the water so they're in the wall and not coming through the vanity.
    • I've scoured pinterest for inspiration for the half bath
    • We bought a mirror at homegoods that we LOVE
    • I've sent Justin a bunch of links for potential industrial wall lights
    • I am resisting buying grey hand towels since we're not even close to being complete
    • I have been disappointed that we haven't found the perfect vanity
    • Justin has been sending me links for legs to purchase so we can make the vanity ourselves
    • We looked at Lowes for the sink we want (of course, they didn't have it in stock)
    • Justin is planning on working on the wooden planks that will go on the accent wall this weekend
    • We bought a soap dispenser at the barn sales so I wouldn't go home empty handed
  • office
    • We painted the room grey and added horizontal stripes for the accent wall
    • I have scoured the web for pretty flush mount light fixtures
    • We started painting the closet
    • I started hinting around how much I needed shelves in the closet
    • We bought shelves at Home Depot
    • We realized the shelves would not work, so we went back to Home Depot
    • Since we had company last weekend, we shoved everything back in the closet until we had time to work on it again.
    • Pulled everything back out of the closet.
    • Justin bought the wood to make the shelves and he started painting them last weekend.
    • We keep saying we're going to put the shelves up each evening after work. Maybe tonight.
  • kitchen
    • In the initial stages of seriously planning the kitchen. Trying to determine if we should open it up to the main living/dining space (which requires knocking down part of a load-bearing wall) or to just leave it as is.
So that's what we're up to these days in the house. Hopefully here in a few weeks we will have some photos to share!


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