Adoption Celebration

Friday, January 11, 2013

I only have one older sister and she means the world to me. My family moved a lot as a kid, so she was my one constant friend through moves to a different country, different cities, different schools, etc. Both my sister and her husband are those people who you know will have several kids and be wonderful parents. Several years ago, they discovered pregnancy wasn't going to come as easy for them as they had hoped. It was heart-wrenching to watch her go through such disappointment, so when they announced they were adopting a four-year-old my heart was overjoyed. I immediately knew that I wanted to give her a beautiful shower to honor her, celebrate this new little boy, and give others the opportunity to do the same.

Now I will admit that finding ideas for an adoption party for an older child is much more difficult than a traditional baby shower.  Even coming up with a name for the party was challenging. As far as the details, my mom and grandma made all of the food and I was responsible for the invitations, decor and design.

The Details:
  • White Dishes - I brought all of my white serving platters to use for the food
  • Photo album - created a photo album using photos I had taken of their family
  • Picture frames - displayed a couple of white frames with family photos
  • Toothpick Flags - attached color coordinated washi tape to toothpicks and trimmed edges
  • Bunting - used scraps from the invitation envelope liner to create bunting to go across the table.
  • Tablecloth - my grandma used a plain white tablecloth and then I added a navy and white striped piece of fabric to cover the top. This created a nice contrast between the white plates and the stripes. 
  • Nail Art with Initials - my husband really wanted to make something for the party, so we created a frame that used nails to form his initial.  (Tutorial coming soon)
Overall, the party turned out great and I was quite pleased with how it all came together! 

 Bottom Left: family photos (smudged for security purposes), invitation, photo album | Bottom Right: DIY Nail Art


  1. Would you like to write a guest blog post on an adoption celebration for National Council For Adoption's blog? This is such a great example and families are always asking how they can celebrate/help their friends celebrate their adoptions. Let me know! :)


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