A Look in our Closet

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What do you do when you have limited closet space and don't have the option to make it a walk in closet? Well, for us the answer was to maximize the space. Granted, we could have bought a closet organizer kit with the bells and whistles, but this was one project where saving money was more important than having exactly what we wanted. Plus, the need for more places to hang clothes meant we didn't have space for a fancy organizer with drawers and special shoe holders.
We opted to buy the BILLY bookcase from Ikea to use in the center to separate the two different styles of hanging racks. On the right, we used an upper and lower rail to maximize space for shirts and pants. To the left we chose just one upper clothes rail that would extend all the way to the wall. I will be completely honest and say that we don't really have a place for all of our shoes, but we're determined to make this closet work for us. For now, we're pleased to have a closet that maximizes the storage space we have and since I'm a visual person... I'm greateful it looks a whole lot better!


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