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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not that I need an excuse to send mail, but I figured moving to our first house was a great opportunity to drop a line to our close friends and family. I purchased the townhouse cards at Target and decided to use them as a part of our "New Address" cards. Of course, I wasn't about to just write a note inside and call it a day, especially since I was determined to find a way to incorporate the new address stamp I had designed. After several days of thinking (and trying ideas that I didn't like), I finally came up with the idea to stamp the address onto kraft tags and then attach them on the inside of the card. Here's the details:
First, I created a template for kraft tags and then cut them to size

I pierced a hole with this "piercing" tool (not quite sure what it's called!) I actually did this step twice. First, I pierced only the kraft cardstock and then I pierced the actually card.

Then, I stamped the address onto the tags. I actually tried to stamp them after they were attached to the card, but the brad created an uneven surface which resulted in incomplete addresses!

After stamping the tags, I attached them to the card usually these fun mini brads. I have had them for several years, so I was glad to finally have a fun use for them! (I ended up picking out the ones that matched the colors of the townhouses on the card)

Next, I decided to use chalk to draw an arrow in the left corner of the tag. Just a little extra something!

Of course, I still had space on the left for a personal note to each recipient!

Finally, the cards were ready to go out in the mail (of course, after stamping the return address and hand addressing each recipient's address!). Hope everyone enjoyed them as much as I did!


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