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Friday, July 20, 2012

Row 1: (left to right) master bedroom | removing wallpaper | our old place now vacant
Row 2: our fabulous help (aka my aunt, grandma and mom) | new house | impromptu visit from friend
Row 3: who doesn't need a frozen yogurt break (first two photos) | installing new locks
I know I have been quite silent on the blog... somehow between moving and not having internet in the new place has prevented me from posting more often! I will try to do better with taking photos, but here are just a few shots from the past week or so. Let's just say I'm glad to finally have all of our boxes and furniture moved, but of course, now comes the real challenge of unpacking. We're very fortunate to have had my mom, aunt, and grandma who came to help clean and set up the kitchen (plus remove wallpaper from the half bath!). We're definitely blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that have made moving so much easier.

This next week we'll be on vacation, but I'll try to keep my camera nearby to capture the week!


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