Box of Cards + Letters

Monday, July 9, 2012

While I was at my parent's house the other weekend, I came across a box filled with letters and cards. From notes passed in high school to cards given for holidays, the box was filled with tons of memories and joyous occasions.  As I sat on the floor and sorted through the pile of envelopes, it was easy to remember different events and times just by seeing the handwriting, a certain type of paper, or the image on a card.  It's moments like these that I realize how much I love handwritten notes! Yes, email has its purpose; however, I don't find it near as fun to sort through the 500+ emails from Justin that I have saved since high school. Unfortunately, the email subject isn't always accurate and there isn't any personality or distinction that helps you easily recognize what the email is about.  When it comes to writing people, I would much rather receive a handwritten note that I can stash away in my box. Besides, it's always fun to sit on the floor and thumb through all of the cards and letters that hold such special memories! 


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