Wrapping on the Go

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My wrapping bucket is an easy way to store the main items needed to wrap a gift. I found the idea years ago in a magazine, so with the help of Justin (who at the time was my boyfriend) we created this bucket. I purchased a Fiskars Garden bucket caddy, a dowel rod, and a 5-gallon bucket. You can use any caddy, but the garden caddy is nice because it has a compartment for seed packets which is useful for storing gift tags. The caddy is also a great place to store scissors and tape, so you don't have to go searching for them when you're ready to wrap!  After attaching the caddy to the bucket, Justin drilled one hole on each side so we could insert the dowel rod to hold the ribbons. After that, we added the paper and wrapping supplies and the wrapping bucket was ready for use.

Now, I will admit that not ALL of my wrapping supplies fit in the bucket. I love packaging and wrapping gifts, so I have tons of accessories that I keep elsewhere (gift boxes, gift bags, assorted tissue papers, two shoeboxes filled with ribbon, seals, bows, and all types of gift tags!). However, I will vouch for the fact that since I have lived in apartments the last few years, the wrapping bucket has been an easy way to store my (basic) wrapping paper supplies.  Plus, since I don't have a devoted craft room, the wrapping bucket has made it easy to haul my supplies into another room where I have more space to work. Granted, one day I hope to have a space to keep all of my supplies together, but for now, the bucket is doing just fine!


  1. Any tips on storing your other supplies, namely ribbons and bows?

    1. For my ribbons, I have two shoeboxes (the ones you can purchase from Michael's or other craft stores). I have two rows of ribbon in each, which helps me be able to see all of the ribbons at once and be able to easily take them out of the box for use.

      For bows, I have a plastic container (probably about the size of two shoeboxes put together) that I use for storage. I don't have a ton of bows, so all of mine fit in there. My parents have a lot of bows, so they have three boxes each marked with colors (red/pinks, blues/greens, whites/silver,etc.). I think that system works well if you have a lot of bows so you can easily find one that matches your wrapping paper. I guess it just depends on how many bows you have!

      Thanks for the comment! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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