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Friday, June 22, 2012

I once was asked what blogs I follow and why. The first part of the question was pretty easy to answer, so here are my top three: Elise Blaha :: enJOY it, Jones Design Company, and Young House Love.  These are three I read frequently (almost daily!).
So out of the millions of blogs why do I read these three? That's a great question... each of these blogs are really a personal journey of people who incorporate design into their daily lives. Elise creates mini albums, designs branding for her business, and takes on different craft projects, while Jones Design Company posts about what she wears, invitation design for friends, and home decor, and finally Young House Love is all about a couple's adventure in renovating their house (they're now on house #2). Ultimately, these are all just normal people who decided to blog about their lives. It's more than just a list of projects or DIY tutorials, its truly about them. From handling their husband's deployment, to trips to Hawaii with friends, to selling their own house... these are all of the types of things that I read about. Ultimately, I know my answer isn't cut and dry, but somehow when I was unemployed two years ago, I found these three blogs and for some reason these were the three that I continue to read and enjoy! 


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