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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I don't know about you... but I am constantly on the lookout for patterns, color schemes, layouts, and other fun design pieces. This is actually pretty easy because I am constantly being inspired by the world around me. From cute cafes, to colorful tea towels, to a fun business card, there are great designs everywhere.

Keeping all of my pieces of inspiration organized can be quite a challenge. For at least ten years, I have had a binder where I have kept magazine articles and pictures with design elements that I like.  My binder is predominantly filled with home decor ideas! At work, I have a file folder where I keep my collection of collateral and design print pieces. It's a great resource for layouts, types of paper, and also just a great refresher when I get stuck on a project.  Of course, I also have multiple folders on my computer comprised of design images I find online, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to remember where the file came from so I can return to the original source for more information. Thanks to Pinterest, now I can keep almost all of my sources of inspiration in one place. Fortunately, it also keeps the website link so I can easily return to the original source.

Although, I love using Pinterest (especially since it has a search function), I don't plan on getting rid of my binder and file folders anytime soon!

[top left: magazines | top right: inspiration binder | bottom: Pinterest Snapshot]


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