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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You can look through any Pottery Barn catalog and you'll definitely spot a vintage surveyor's tripod lamp. Justin and I spotted these types of lamps several places, but decided the $400+ price tag just wasn't worth it. As usual, we looked for DIY examples and found a couple of blogs that inspired us to move forward with our own version. First step, buy a surveyor's tripod (resources: craigslist, Ebay, or local shops/yard sales). This actually took quite a while because we had a certain look and price frame in mind. Finally, we came across the tripod above.

 At first, the tripod was a little dingy, but it only took some Old English and elbow grease to clean it up. The next step was to buy the hardware to make it into a lamp. We decided to go with a lamp kit since it already comes with all of the pieces that you need (and is a better deal than buying it all individually!). Of course, the hardware was shiny and new which did not blend in well with the worn look of the tripod. We used oil rub bronze spray paint to give the hardware an antique look. After putting the lamp kit together and adding a lamp shade, the only thing left to do was to plug it in and enjoy!  


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