If at first you don't succeed... try again

Friday, May 4, 2012

When Justin and I first moved to this condo, we wanted a mirror to go over the mantle. It started as a black mirror (purchased at Homegoods). Once we added a new flatscreen tv to the room, there was too much black on the wall (the tv, the mirror and the fireplace). Justin suggested spray painting it silver. The silver ended up being my least favorite. We kept it for a while, but one day, Justin came home with a weathered pallet that was perfect for building the mirror a new frame. We now love the mirror and can't imagine it any other way! Of course, it only took three attempts to get it right... for now.


  1. love the pallet mirror! it looks very beach chic. now you have to own a beach house. you just have to.

    1. I would love to own a beach house one day.. if nothing else just to decorate it.


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