Just Move the Furniture

Monday, April 30, 2012

Just like we have found ways to re-purpose artwork, we also have realized that some spaces just need to be redefined. For example, we first had our office space in the corner of our dining room which is connected to our living room. We thought this empty corner would be perfect for our lovely parson's desk, but instead the crunched corner was rarely used, not practical for use, and was hard to decorate.

First, the printer was stacked on top of the filing cabinet, which consumed half of the space underneath the desk. Needless to say, when the printer wasn't working properly it wasn't the easiest to access. As far as decorating, we purchased skinny shelves to hang above the desk, but we never could quite figure out what to do with them.  Since the rest of the room consists of a farmhouse table, chalkboard frame, and antique sideboard, it was hard to figure out how to make the slick and modern desk fit in (especially since in my head, I never intended on using the desk for a shabby chic theme!).

Over a year ago, we thought about moving the desk into the guest bedroom, but for some reason neither of us thought it would be a good fit (even though it certainly wasn't a good fit in the dining room!). Finally, a few months ago we decided to go for it! We moved the desk into this nook in the guest bedroom and everything fit perfectly. We even have space for the filing cabinet and printer to go beside the desk!  Even though the guest bedroom isn't super modern, we didn't struggle at all figuring how to decorate and accessorize the desk in the new space.  Plus, we now use the desk area way more than we ever had before.

In the end, sometimes the best solution is to just move the furniture.  :)


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