Sending Cards & Letters

Friday, March 23, 2012

Writing letters is something that I've enjoyed doing since I was a kid, which fortunately goes hand in hand with my love for stationery. Between gifts, purchases, and working at Hallmark, I have a nice collection of cards and paper that I store in two boxes. I have one box that has cards sorted by occasion and the other one has generic cards and blank stationery.  Although I have this nice system, too often the boxes are left untouched for months. One goal I set for myself this year is to send one card per week. The goal is really a combination of realizing that I have a lot of stationery that needs to be used and also the fact that sending a letter is a great way to maintain friendships from a distance. Plus, I have pretty much banned myself from buying any new stationery until I use what I have, so that is a pretty good incentive!

What about you? Whether you have gorgeous stationery stored away or you just want to pull out a yellow notepad and write a friend, we all have someone in our lives that would enjoy receiving a handwritten note this week.  Obviously, you could send an email, but who doesn't enjoy seeing something besides a #10 white envelope in their mailbox?  So get out some paper and write!  


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