Monday, March 26, 2012

Looking for an idea for an easy piece of artwork using things around the house? Well, that's what I needed when I was decorating our guest bath.  Being on a tight budget, I decided to create my own piece of art using the shower curtain as inspiration.

  • 2 Different Size Bowls
  • 2+ Different Paint Colors (preferable matching the room you're using it in!)
  • Plate or Container for the Paint (will need to be able to fit the bowls)
  • Cardstock Paper
  • Frame (I bought one on clearance at Target or you can use one you have)

First,  dip the the rim of the bowl into the paint and then press it firmly on the paper. Sometimes I would do this twice so it would have multiple rings. Then repeat this step alternating between the colors of paint and the different size bowls. There isn't a pattern, so just have fun with it! In the end, we have a fun piece of art that cost us less than $5 and took very little time to complete. Use your imagination, you could do this with squares or whatever size containers you have in the kitchen!


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